As a small business owner, you already prize customer engagement. It's a primary factor in creating a loyal consumer base and increasing your sales, but what's the secret to getting these interactions right? 

One consideration is how you're going about these customer interactions. For example, while many business owners view email marketing as an outdated advertising approach, it is still one of your company's most lucrative marketing platforms--everyone has email!

How can your brand realize all the benefits of this timeless marketing technique? Read on to learn more about effectively engaging your email channels.

Email Engagement Best Practices For Small Businesses

Email marketing channels are a necessary business practice. Once you've found your preferred email marketing tool, consider the following best practices for maximizing your returns on these campaigns.

Welcome Emails

Why do successful big businesses have greeters in their stores? They know that acknowledging someone's presence and value is good customer service. 

When you send a welcome letter to a new email address, you set up expectations about your brand and start your subscribers on a new customer journey. By far, this is the most important email you'll send to them.


Weekly or monthly newsletter editions update people about your industry and business.

These newsletters also allow you to share the most recent reviews or testimonies about your product or service, putting your business at the forefront of your customers' minds.

Special Offers

Regular deals and special offers maintain customer engagement. Who doesn't love a great deal on a service or product they've been eyeing? 

To increase your email open rate, put the special offer announcement in the email's subject.

You can also use these offers to increase customer retention. For example, send personalized offers based on what your customer buys. Exclusive, targeted deals for your best customers work well, too.

Brand Updates

Loyal customers become very familiar with your brand and their favorite products or services from you. However, as your business grows and innovates, there will be changes. 

Why not announce these changes in a well-crafted email before you implement them? This will give your customers a chance to adapt and change their expectations so they don't feel like you performed a bait-and-switch.

Special Occasions

Lastly, don't forget the allure of promotions and special occasions. Send special editions of your emails with customized offers and calls to action for a higher rate of opened emails.

You're ready to increase customer engagement with solid email marketing. The best tool for boosting your business's reach and spotlighting your brand is already in your hands.


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